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Artisan Cheese Board Selection

Artisan Cheese Board Selection

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Winston Cheddar, Burt's Blue, Truffle Gouda, Murcia El Vino, Vacherin.


Winston Cheddar, at first appears sweet but slowly reveals its deeper, stronger side. This classic mature cheddar is rich in character.

Burt's Blue is an "approachable blue" with a bloomy rind of greenish, grey Penicillin Roqueforti mould. Its paste is off white in colour and luxurious in texture. It softens with age and can have a faint aroma of mushrooms. Burt's Blue has a creamy taste with subtle tangy notes from its blue veins and a slightly salty finish.

This Truffle Gouda is a stunning traditionally made Dutch farmhouse cheese, made of raw cow’s milk, with the addition of Italian black truffle from the mountains. This semi-firm cheese is ripened on wooden planks for a minimum of 8 weeks, creating a delicious rich and creamy taste, with wonderful truffle flavours.

The 'Drunken Goat' cheese, made using the pasteurised milk of the Murciana Goat. The rind is dipped in red wine twice during the ripening process. A deliciously mature tangy cheese that is great on a cheeseboard with crusty bread.

Vacherin is made from pasteurised cow’s milk, which offers a full-flavoured and slightly acidic taste. The cheese becomes almost liquid after maturation. It has a greyish-yellow blanched rind which has to be removed before eating it. This rare and luxury cheese is eaten like a Fondue.